What is Occupied Staging?

Many of us think of vacant homes when we consider staging. However, there is an even greater need for guidance when preparing an occupied home for market so that it stands out from the competition. Consider a home a family has lived in for 20+ years, making it their own, accumulating a lot of belongings, inheriting heirlooms and showcasing their memories with family photos covering the walls. They've created a layout that functions for them and a style that speaks their personality. Now they're ready to sell, maybe downsizing, maybe moving to another town for a fresh start.

Challenge #1 - It's not easy for a homeowner with attachments and memories to look at their home with an objective eye. Everything from overall style, colors, layout and furnishings play a role in how a Buyer can envision themselves in a home. While it may not feel cluttered to the homeowner, arrangement, tone and amount of furnishings can disrupt flow, make a space feel smaller, hide positive selling features and create a roadblock in Buyer's minds on how they can use the space. The goal of occupied staging is to make the space still function well for those living there while eliminating said roadblocks to create a neutral but appealing pallet for Buyers to envision their personal style in the home. If a homeowner is committed to selling, they must first realize it is no longer about their belongings and personal style - they are selling the home, not their stuff!

Challenge #2 - They may not want to hear from their Realtor what needs to be changed to appeal to the widest array of Buyers. Let us be your resource. Our gentle but educated approach will give the Seller expert, room by room guidance using their own furnishings (with some inexpensive additions if needed). We not only explain the reasoning behind each suggestion but remind Sellers of the end goal - appeal to the largest array of Buyers to generate offers and get the home SOLD quickly and potentially for more money!

Challenge #3 - Where do they start and how do they prioritize? It can all become overwhelming.

When Sellers get overwhelmed, they may just give up. With our room by room guidance, we prioritize our suggestions to help the homeowner feel more at ease and able to tackle everything one step at a time. If inexpensive purchases are suggested, we provide visuals for the Seller to easily make the purchase and style on their own and offer shopping services if they prefer to be hands off.

Challenge #4 - Isn't staging expensive and a lot of work? The answer is no! Staging is an investment in Selling your home, not a cost. Just as you would make obvious repairs to the structure that a Buyer would notice, you must give attention to create a space inside that says all the right things to a Buyer. Putting in the work prior to listing, only saves the Seller time and stress once that contract is in place and the closing clock has begun. For an investment of under $500, occupied home Sellers can get the guidance they need to provide them a return of much more than their original investment!

Learn more about our Occupied Home Staging Services and how we can assist you and your Sellers to make their home stand above the rest and sell more quickly! Also, check out a few before and after photos below of our occupied staging projects!